A unique framework of coordinated advice and insight. Our Group provides integrated financial planning, legal and asset management solutions for private clients, businesses, family offices and charities.

Progeny was born out of an ambition to create the first multiservice professional platform designed to match client goals with those of the professionals advising them.

Forward thinking

Progeny offers pragmatic, reliable advice to protect and grow your wealth, either as a private individual or as a business. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, a company director, a high-net-worth individual or a private family office, you know how hard it has been to create the wealth on which your future rests. This is where we come in.

Progeny was born out of an ambition to create the first multi-service professional platform, designed to match client goals with those of the professionals advising them. Over 100 experienced members make up the Progeny team: all share the same vision, and are aligned to the same purpose. Because we like to practise what we preach, every member of our senior team is personally invested in Progeny. We believe in accountability and personal commitment, just as you do.

Wealth creation is the hard part. And it doesn’t come without risk. In growing your wealth and passing it on, you want to avoid false economies. But managing it can often attract large fees, and we don’t believe that it should. Progeny is our answer.

We are very proud to be Progeny. Established today, for tomorrow’s wealth.

Introducing Progeny

Progeny has developed an integrated platform to meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses. Our range of financial planning, wealth management and legal advisory services is built on a simple philosophy: we work hard to understand your aspirations to give the quality service and bespoke structuring that you require. Both now and in the future. In helping you make important decisions, we invest our time in you.

By forging strong personal relationships between you and our advisory team, we take full account of your personal and business objectives. We offer thoughtful guidance, we develop strategic proposals, and we afford you all the necessary information to make the right decisions about protecting your assets in the years ahead.

Delivering quality

Progeny is uniquely placed to advise private clients, corporates and family offices. And to address their complex needs. Combining excellence with experience, we work hard to understand you and your business, responding with the expert opinion and thoughtful structuring that is required. In a manner that is attentive and efficient – in both time and cost.

For every one of our clients, the success of what we do is evidenced by the service that we provide, the expertise we offer and the advice we deliver. As our client, you will find that we do indeed think of everything so that you don’t have to. Progeny enables you to have complete peace of mind that your high expectations will be surpassed.

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Over 35 years of experience and wisdom.

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